Saturday, February 9, 2008


Well we've got PA! That's preapproval for Malia Jeanette TaoYan Campbell. Such a long name for a tiny little girl. We are excitedly awaiting our turn to travel to China for her. Learned this morning that the temp. in China in May will be about 67 degrees. Looks like spring weather to me. That means long sleeves and sweaters. Still waiting on a new update to see how much she has gained and how tall she may be. She also may have had a lip repair. I soooo much would rather wait till she comes home for any repairs. So she would have the love and attention of a full-time mom and dad for something so major in her life. The orphanage she is in -I'm told- is exceptionally good for orphanages in China. I am sooo hoping and praying she is taken well care of if she does have the repair before we come to get her. This wait is hard but we do have so much to do in the mean time before she somes. And I do still have Mia and Marissa to care for in the wait. I have been putting together some of our favorite pictures of the girls at the beach. Hard to believe they have grown so much, especially Marissa who was such a baby. It will be the hardest I think on her because she will loose her place in the family and be the middle child. Mia is such a wonderful big sister and a big help around here.

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Heather Campbell Colley said...

Yeah I am so excited that everything is coming together for yall. I am always nervous until you finally bring her home. Once yall leave for China I am just excited to meet the new little one. I don't have to worry anylonger becasue she is with us then and we know she is safe.