Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Journey to Malia Ends

We received some very sorrowful news of our precious Malia last week. It seems that she contracted a bacterial infection and was not able to fight it. She died in the hospital on April 18th. Needless to say we are broken-hearted over this. She was so close to coming home. We were actually waiting for a call from our agency to say that we received final approval.....only to hear the sad news of her passing. It has been a difficult thing to come to terms with. So many people knew we were waiting and we have had to tell the story over and over. Never would we have thought that you could miss someone you never got to hold. But, she was in our hearts and we thought about her everyday. Where she would sleep, eat at the table, sit in the car. We miss her so....We have been assured of another match.....our arms will not be empty...but it will not be her....and so we are very sad. We are drawing close to the Lord and each other and feel the prayers of so many people who care about us and China's orphans. One thing this has accomplished is to make our love for China's orphans stronger and we are determined that we will not live our lives for just ourselves.

We know there there are many praying for us and our family ....we say thank you for your love and concern.

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Jenn said...

Know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers as you have journied through this sad period. Milea may be gone but she will never be forgotten.